The Dead Daisies @ Substage, Karlsruhe – June 4, 2017

The Daisies are back in Europe: LIVE & LOUDER! It’s not only the name of their 2017 European summer tour, but also the name of their new live album which was released May 19th. No Munich date on this run didn’t stop me from seeing one of my favorite new bands. As soon as the dates were announced, I made all necessary road trip arrangements.

I have heard about the venue – Substage in Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg – before but have never been there. It’s a cool venue with a great vibe and the sound was awesome too. The Daisies sold the place out. It was packed but I still made my way up front (kinda) to rock out and snap a couple of pics. After the New Roses (love these guys, check them out!) warmed the crowd up (not that we weren’t sweating already ;-)), the Daisies took over the stage and rocked our faces off. These 5 guys never disappoint! You can’t go wrong with a line up like this! For those who haven’t heard of them yet (time to catch up, my friends!) or aren’t too familiar with them – meet the Dead Daisies: Doug Aldrich – Marco Mendoza – John Corabi – Brian Tichy – David Lowy. 5 of the coolest and most rockin’ guys!

Setlist from Karlsruhe:

  • Long Way to go
  • Mexico
  • Make some Noise
  • Song and a prayer
  • Fortunate Son
  • We all fall down
  • Lock n Load
  • Last time I saw the sun
  • *drum solo*
  • Join Together
  • With you and I
  • *band intros*
  • Mainline  (my fav song!)
  • Helter Skelter
  • American Band
  • Midnight Moses

The best thing about a Dead Daisies show for me is definetly an aftershow hug from Doug. The Daisies are probably the most fan-friendly band out there. Not only do they do Meet and Greets after EVERY show, but the M&Gs are also FREE. Yup, no charge to get to meet the guys, get some memorabilia signed and snap a pic with them (and in my case get the mandatory “hug from Doug”). The first 100 fans through the door at each show get a wristband and can meet the band after the show. A great and fair deal and cool reward for showing up early. Check out the pics on their website ( and make sure to show up early if you go to a show yourself for a chance to meet the guys!!

It’s been a great night with 2 awesome bands, lots of rockin’ friends from all over (great seeing so many familiar faces and getting to know some FB friends in person) and a few drinks!

Let’s do this again soon!




The 2018 Monsters of Rock Cruise – get your cabin NOW!


Despite my constant posting and blabbering about MORC, I still have lots of friends asking me why I make such a fuss about this “music cruise” and what the whole thing is all about. Well in short: It’s the most rockin’ vacation you can imagine and the trip of a lifetime… But let me fill you in on all the fun we’re having on the high seas…(Message me for a more detailed uncensored version called “How to work your way through the whole drink package without going overboard” ;-))

Next year is gonna be my third MORC and I couldn’t be more excited! Not only do I get to sail through the Caribbean while listening to bad ass music, I also get to see and hang with some of my favorite people again: my MORC family. Definetly the best family reunion one can imagine! If you’ve been on one of the cruises you know what I’m talking about, if not, you’ll now get a little review of my past 2 cruises and get an outook for 2018 that will make you wanna book your cabin yesterday!!

I first heard about MORC back in 2015 (yes, I’m a late bloomer…lol) and was able to attend some of the pre-cruise shenanigans in Miami that year, yet didn’t make it on the boat due to other commitments (I had a regular cruise booked already for the same time period – geez what was I thinking?!)… I already had so much fun that first year and met so many awesome rockers that getting on the boat in 2016 was mandatory for me…

Shredders from the Deep (Feb 22 – 26, 2016) was my first MORC and boy did I have fun. The line-up was incredible: DORO – my favorite rocker chick of all times, Hardcore Superstar, Helloween, Sebastian Bach and Tesla – just to name a few (personal highlights). Fitting the name of the cruise, we also had some of the finest shredders aboard: Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Uli Jon Roth and Akira Takasaki of Loudness didn’t only play killer shows but gave guitar clinics as well. Being a little overwhelmed by everything going on at first, I quickly got into the groove and figured out how to schedule my day with all the concerts, M&Gs, Q&As, various stops at the buffet and tons of stops at the bar. Sleep is definetly overrated on MORC. I left the boat after 4 rockin’ days and nights as a happy cruiser with the best memories and a whole bunch of new friends!

Gathering of Titans (Feb 2 – 7, 2017) was my second cruise and if there’s a thing as too much fun – I came pretty close to it this year for sure. What an ultimate blast! I’m probably still drunk while writing this blog post almost 3 months after the cruise. This years cruise on the beautiful Brilliance of the Seas left from Tampa with stops on Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico and not the usual one but two sea days (even more time for debauchery!). Being an almuni now (Ha!), I already kind of knew how things work and what to expect on the cruise and just had to get adjusted to our new ship. You pretty much spend the first couple of hours figuring out where everything is while running into lots of familiar faces. By sailaway (this time with the surprise stowaways Winger) I got it all figured out and was already a few drinks (and yummy Roast Beef Sandwiches from the Café) in and ready for some action… Looking through my pictures from the cruise still cracks me up (remember the too much fun part? Thank you Grey Goose!) and makes we want to do it all over again… the countdown for next year is on!!

The 2018 cruise (Feb 11 – 16 – Valentine’s Day debauchery included) is gonna be even bigger and better (if it can get any better than it already is). Our new ship – the Navigator of the Seas – is the biggest MORC ship so far and features a second main indoor venue besides the theater (the ice rink), a promenade, a pub (yay – one of my favorite spots on the last cruise) and – for all foodies like me – a JOHNNY ROCKETS. The line-up – which isn’t even complete yet – is beyond amazing already! Check out the flyer above!! We have some real treats waiting for us – a perfect mix of MORC regulars and some really awesome newbies (Thunder -!!!-, British Lion with the one and only Steve Harris of Iron Maiden and Mitch Malloy only to name a few of them). Next years ports of call surely don’t disappoint either: Jamaica (ya mon!!) and the private isle of Labadee (so much fun stuff to do – I can’t wait to try the ZIP-line…eeeek). Oh and what I didn’t mention yet is the pre-parties! Even more fun!! With the 2 pre-parties in Miami next year we’ll have a solid seven day binge to look forward to! Ahoy!

By the way: I didn’t put any pictures in this post for 2 reasons: First, mine would have to be censored first and second: we have some of the best photographers aboard who capture all the precious moments… Check out their work on the Monsters of Rock Cruise social media pages (links to their own pages are on there as well) and for a first welcome into the MORC family feel free to join us crazy peeps over on facebook in the “MORC 2018” group!

So what are you waiting for?! Book your cabin and become part of the MORC Family ! The cruise is already 80% booked… you don’t wanna miss out on all the fun!!

TwentyDarkSeven @Kaminwerk, Memmingen – April 1, 2017


I do believe in love at first sight or better first listen – at least when it comes to bands. As I’ve said in previous posts, it’s usually the first 30 seconds of seeing a band live for the first time which make me go yay or nay. And it definetly was a YAY last Saturday in Memmingen. 20 Dark Seven got on stage and rocked our faces off! What a stage presence!

These guys are the real deal. 5 bad ass musicians (and also some of the coolest guys around) rockin’ the stage with an incredible energy and some serious headbanging. Their hair gets a 10/10 Metal Queens Promotion rating – oh and their music as well! I can’t wait to see these guys again – hopefully for a full set!

Their new album MOMENTUM was my road trip companion on the ride home after the show and has been playing since then! Heavy Metal at its finest with killer riffs, a beat that instantly makes you headbang along (not the smartest choice while going full speed on the freeway but metaaaal!) and lyrics that seem to be made for me. While all songs on the album are absolutely amazing, “The Devil’s Doom Delight” and “Shotgun Heart” are clearly my favorites… ’cause I’m a rebel, I’m a rebel with a shotgun heart… Go check it out – you won’t regret it!

Thank you guys for a great evening and I’ll see you all soon! \m/

Double Crush Syndrome @Backstage München – March 9,2017

“Die for rock n roll” isn’t just the title of their new album coming out March 17, it’s their way of life! Double Crush Syndrome truly die for rock n roll. Their shows are the real deal. Hot, sweaty, loud in your face rock n roll at its best. Tonight’s show was another example of why I worship these guys and truly believe they’re up for something great.

Their tour supporting Steve ‘n’ Seagulls was announced just over a week ago and I was stoked to see Munich as first date of the tour… Knowing Steve ‘n’ Seagulls would take over the stage as a country/ bluegrass/ hillbilly band covering metal hyms, I was anxious to see how their fans would accept “my guys” opening for their heroes… Munich can be a difficult audience at times but tonight was completely different! I was amazed by how the crowd was partying along from the first song on! We’re talking about sing-alongs here! The crowd definetly went wild…

Their 45 minute set was over in no time and I seriously can’t wait for their headline show here in Munich at Garage deluxe on April 20! (Be there Munich rockers!)… My highlights today (apart from the fact that every song sounded killer as always) were Slow Suicide and Can’t you be like everyone else… Right in the feels!


1. She’s a pistol

2. Yeah! Pain!

3. On top of Mount Whateverest

4. And they say we are the freaks

5. Blood on my shirt

6. Can’t you be like everyone else

7. Slow suicide

8. I wanna be your monkey ( NEW SINGLE! Video out today!)

9. Die for Rock n Roll

10. Gimme everything


Vinnie Moore @ Bergkeller, Reichenbach – Oct 9, 2016

It was road trip time for me again last night. Just a few weeks ago I got word that Vinnie Moore will be touring Europe to support his new album Aerial Visions – which was released in October 2015. I knew I had to make at least one of the shows and looked at the dates. Bergkeller in Reichenbach appeared to be the closest venue for me. 425 miles round-trip? No problem with some UFO and the Aerial Visions album as road-trip tunes.

Bergkeller turned out to be a charming venue with living room character (although definetly fitting more people than the regular living room) and tons of rock memorabilia on the walls showing the history of the place. Great to see which legends have already played the stage and knowing a true rock icon would be added to that list soon.

Vinnie and his band – Don Roxx on bass, Nazzareno Zacconi on guitar and Roberto Pirami on drums – got on stage a little after 9pm and were ready to rock! Having seen Vinnie play quite a few times I already knew I was in for a real treat but boy did they blow me away! A perfect synergy between 4 incredibly talented musicians who have a blast performing together. The set list was a great mix of songs from the new album and some Vinnie Moore classics as well as a couple very well chosen covers. No matter if it was Daydream, Rain, Meltdown or the Maze – every song was right on point and the sound at the venue was incredible. A special treat was to hear La Grange, which is also featured on Aerial visions and definetly my favorite version of ZZ Top’s classic! Vinnie never fails to amaze me on stage – he is a true guitar player extraordaire and I hope we get to enjoy more Vinnie Moore Band shows soon.

Meanwhile he has tons of upcoming tour dates with UFO. The Europe/UK run in October and November is just around the corner and today UFO announced their Spring US tour together with the mighty Saxon! Make sure to catch one of the shows!

CETI + Sleaze ‘N D @ Garage Deluxe, Munich – Sept 3,2016

About last night… A hot, sweaty and rockin’ night of heavy metal at its best.

A few weeks ago my friends BC Sleaze and Alex D told me about their new project Sleaze N’ D. Two awesome musicians playing acoustic versions of rock and metal classics? Hell yeah! So I already knew I was in for a fun night when their first show as support for CETI from Poland was announced. What I didn’t know before was that this Saturday night out would be one of the most rockin’ of all times.

Sleaze ‘N D – with last minute special guest Alexx Michael on bass – put on an awesome show. There are a lot of acoustic projects out there and aren’t we all a little tired of hearing Wonderwall for the 38439th time? Yes, we are! So here’s the great thing about Sleaze ‘N D: they’ll blow you away with incredible acoustic versions of songs like Ace of Spades, Breaking the Law and Blitzkrieg Bop. I’m hoping we get to watch these guys perform again soon!

After Sleaze ‘N D got off stage I was excited to see what CETI was all about. I  haven’t heard of these guys before and didn’t know what to expect. The guys (and girl) got on stage and during the first few seconds into the first song I was hooked (for me it’s usually hit or miss within the first 30 seconds I listen to pretty much any new band). These guys are something else! Incredibly powerful and talented guys. One of the best voices in rock paired with a beast on bass and an overall awesome band. The crowd went wild from the beginning on as well and we had a rockin’ heavy metal party extraordinare! And boy was I surprised at how alive, dancing and rockin’ a Munich crowd can be! Being used to the usual German – umm how to put it nicely – reservation, I was positively surprised at how much of a party the mostly Polish crowd put on! I sure am sore from all the dancing and headbanging all night long!

I’d love to tell you more about the band and the show but I gotta go and download the whole discography of CETI now!

Thank you Rocker Zone München for a rockin’ night out! Can’t wait for the next one! 

Archer Nation @ Colos-Saal, Aschaffenburg, Aug 23, 2016

I can never get enough of the guys in Archer Nation. From the first moment I saw them open for Doro on her U.S. tour in March 2015 I was hooked. These guys are the real deal and everything I love in a good heavy metal band. Awesome, super talented and long-haired (yes it’s a serious criteria for me – especially when it comes to headbanging on stage!) musicians who have a blast performing on stage. As soon as they were announced as support for the current Queensryche tour, I checked the dates and made travel arrangements to go see at least one show. Colos-Saal turned out to be the closest and most convenient venue for me and since it’s one of my bucket list venues anyways I decided to go for it.

Colos-Saal is a great venue right in the city center of Aschaffenburg surrounded by shops and bars. The adjactent bar which opens an hour prior to doors allows u to have a pre-show beer and a snack while waiting. Every venue should have something like this in my opinion. What I liked most about Colos-Saal was the stage. When getting to a new venue u never know what to expect but this one certainly did not disappoint! Huge stage, barricade (essential for every real headbanger!) and great lighting ensure an awesome concert experience.

Archer Nation went on second as direct support to Queensryche. I managed to get a spot close to the stage and overheard a couple of people talking about “my guys” and their previous performance at the same venue with Annihilator just a few months ago. I was happy to hear that everybody was excited to have them back. The guys got on stage and kicked ass from the first note played. You’ve never seen me completely happy unless you’ve been to a concert with me definitely applies for Archer Nation shows. The real deal on stage. A pleasure to listen to and watch. Knowing most of their songs I was (positively) surprised to hear a couple of songs I didn’t know. A couple of new songs… no spoiler but damn… the new album (planned release early 2017) is gonna ROCK just as much as the other ones. Their 30 minute set (way too short in my opinion!) was super intense and it felt like they were only 10 minutes into their set when the gig was over…

So yeah, I’m hoping to have them back soon in 2017 to promote their new album.

Safe travels and a great rest of the tour!

The Dead Daisies @ Free&Easy Festival, Munich – July 31, 2016


A sweaty, loud and rockin’ night with the Dead Daisies at Backstage Club in Munich.

I usually don’t like to use the term “Supergroup” for bands, but the Dead Daisies truly are what you would expect from one… Those 5 guys are musicians extraordinaire and their previous employers speak for themselves. Once you have members of Whitesnake, Dio, Ozzy Osbourne, Thin Lizzy and Mötley Crüe united in one band you know it’s one hell of a rockin’ project.

After having seen them for the first time at Rockavaria last year, I was excited to see those guys again, especially since one of my favorite guitar gods – the one and only Doug Aldrich – had joined the band in the mean time.

We got to the venue early to get a good spot up front and it was totally worth the wait. Doors were at 7:00pm and the venue – Backstage club which holds around 250 – 300 people – quickly filled up with Munich rockers. By the time the Daisies got on stage at 9:15pm the place was packed and it was already incredibly hot inside. They started off with Midnight Moses and had the crowd rockin’ from the first note on. So much talent on one stage is incredible to watch and listen to. Doug Aldrich, Marco Mendoza, John Corabi, Brian Tichy and David Lowy. We definelty had some rock royalty in Munich last night. Their 90 min plus set was packed with songs from their new album Make Some Noise (release date: Aug 5) but also featured songs from other albums, as well as some very well chosen cover songs.


Something I always like to see at concerts is (the right anount of) audience participation and the band interacting with the fans. We saw lots of both during the show as everybody was singing and clapping along and trying to catch guitar picks and flying drum sticks. Speaking of drum sticks.. It was a blast to see Brian Tichy again. He’s the ultimate beast on drums and his drum solos always blow me away. What an incredible talent. As I said before every single member of the Dead Daisies is rock royalty and combined as a band they are an invincible formation.

After they finished their set with an insanely powerful version of Deep Purple’s Hush, everybody was invited to say hi to the band at a signing session. All 5 guys were super nice and humble and took the time to sign CDs, posters and other memorabilia the fans brought with them and took the time to thank everybody for coming.

Thanks to the Dead Daisies for an excellent night of rock n roll here in Munich! We can’t wait to have you guys back Nov 30 with The Answer!

NEW ALBUM “Make Some Noise” out Aug 5!

10 reasons why you should go on the 2017 Monsters of Rock Cruise


193 more days until my next Monsters Cruise. Yes I’m this excited that I’ve already the countdown until it’s time to get aboard again. People who have never been on a MORC keep asking me what’s so special about it and why I’m talking about it all the time… There are lots of reasons to get yourself booked on the 2017 Monsters of Rock Cruise. Here are my Top 10:

  1. Ummm you’re on a CRUISE! Who doesn’t like being on a cruise? It’s the ultimate vacation. Your floating hotel takes you to the most beautiful locations whilst providing maximal luxery and in our case killer music too. Monsters of Rock always has great ships and 2017 will be the first time we are sailing with Royal Caribbean. The Brilliance of the Seas will be our home away from home for 5 nights. Yes, we get an additional night this time. 5 instead of the usual 4 nights… which means an extra sea day and more shows of course!
  2. No camping, no mud and your own bathroom. Yes,  these are 3 very important points and any regular festival guest who has also been on MORC will agree. The conveniece of being able to just take the elevator a few decks up or down to your cabin for some down time is priceless. It takes u no time to get to places and no time to get back. Everything is right there, clean and convenient.
  3. A Festival on the High Seas! Yeah, regular festivals are cool and stuff, but seriously… Is there anything better than a festival on a cruise ship? Partying non-stop on deck, in the theaters, bars, the atrium and at the ports of call. The party vessel setting sail for the Caribbean is the best festival one can ask for in my opinion.
  4. Newcomers and classic bands up close. You’ll get to see tons of bands and most of them perform twice, some even more often. Next year’s line-up (as of now – more bands still TBA) includes some of our all-time favorite rock bands and some promising newcomers. Some of (my) hightlights will be Saxon, Night Ranger, Queensryche and yes, I wanna see how Vince Neil will do (and hope for no incidents aboard). I’m also looking forward to seeing some new MORC artists such as Inglorious or the (recently added) Electric Boys from Sweden. Many more cool bands are confirmed and more to be announced soon. Author’s note: Many cruisers are hoping to see Hardcore Superstar back aboard… 😉
  5. Hanging with the bands – we’re all in this together. One of the coolest things about MORC is that it’s one big party and there’s no such thing as a VIP area where everybody is hiding. Most of the band members hang out on deck or at the bars all day and you get to chat and have a drink with them. Everybody is on vacation and super relaxed. The places where I met most people over and over again were definetly the buffet and the pool deck. These are the most frequented places on the boat for sure and there’s always someone to be seen.
  6. Cozumel and Grand Cayman – MORC will have 2 new bad ass ports of call for the 2017 cruise. I haven’t been to any of the 2 islands but am sure they won’t disappoint. Caribbean beaches, cool drinks, good food and lots of stuff to explore. These 2 port days will definetly be a fun experience!
  7. Probably the coolest Super Bowl Party out there! The “Gathering of Titans” on the high seas. The 2017 Super Bowl will take place during the MORC, therefore we will have a rockin’ Super Bowl Party aboard. Many specials planned for game day and knowing the MORC team, they’ll have some awesome activities in store for us.
  8. The MORC Family!!! If you’ve never been on a MORC before, you probably won’t understand what I mean – I myself didn’t fully understand what everybody meant by saying “my MORC Family” until I finally got to experience it on the 2016 MORC East. It definetly is one big rockin’ family aboard and also after you get off the boat.
  9. All you can eat, drink and party – the cruise is a feast! Forget about all your diet plans, stop your rehab & start training your liver and start some serious pre-sleeping like NOW. MORC is a full package of debauchery. If you purchase the drink package (also known as drunk package by some undisclosed cruisers), you will have an all inclusive package. Food as much as you want (and most important whenever you want) at the various restaurants, your favorite drinks waiting for you at the various bars and party until you drop. You’ll need a vacation from this vacation for sure!
  10. Full entertainment package. No, it’s not only shows, food and booze. You also have the best entertainment program before, between and after the shows. Presented by the hosts extraordinaire Eddie Trunk, Luc Carl and Nikki Black and not to forget MORC very own DJ Metal Will! From cooking or bowling with the stars to Q&As, there are so many activities all day long, you won’t know where to start…


What are you waiting for?! Go get your cabin asap (not many left!) and join the MORC Family !!

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