From Russia with love. Reds’ Cool stopped at Der Cult in Nuremberg on their first Headliner Tour through Germany last night. After their tour announcement a few weeks back I knew that I had to see them again and decided to go on yet another rock n roll road trip knowing it will be well worth the drive. I also took the chance to ask for an interview with the guys and Slava, the singer of the band, agreed on being the victim for my first interview ever. But first things first…

Despite a long work day, rush hour traffic and pouring rain I managed to get there on time to witness the last bit of soundcheck. The guys were just playing my favorite song Strangers Eyes when I arrived and I already knew it was gonna be another great night with my favorite Russians. The sound was great and the venue totally rocked. I had time to look around a bit before the show started and Rick, the owner of the venue, gave me a tour and told me a little bit about the venue. Killer place, awesome stage, cool people and a great atmosphere. I’m looking forward to going back there and hopefully booking my own shows there as well in the future.

I grabbed a beer and made my way to the stage. Reds’ Cool got on stage a little after 8:30pm and rocked the crowd from the first moment on. The whole band – especially the singer, Slava – puts on a great rock show and you can see that they are all really into it. They played a good mix from their albums with a focus on their recent album “Press Hard”, which was released in August 2015. Songs like The way I am, Strangers Eyes or also Bad Story make you sing along right after you hear the chorus for the first time and it is impossible not to sing, clap and dance along. The band didn’t only put a smile on my face but also on everybody else’s. Great to see a lot of audience participation and to see old and new Reds’ Cool fans in the crowd.

An extra bonus on the current Reds’ Cool tour are the give aways. Free CD’s for the first 50 people to arrive at the venue. Yes, a FREE CD just for showing up and checking the guys out, not bad, right?! I also finally managed to get my Reds’ Cool shirt and will be able to represent now.

After the show I had the chance to have a little interview with singer Slava Spark. I discovered Reds’ Cool last fall when they opened for UFO on their European tour and have seen them several times as an opener for UFO and Magnum since then, but the Nuremberg show was my first time seeing them as a headliner. Asked how it feels to headline a tour and to just go out there and do your thing Slava said that they are all really happy about the chance to do that tour on their own and how much they love seeing so many familiar faces they had met at shows during previous tours with UFO, Magnum and Black Star Riders. They are thankful for the support and also happy to have new people checking out their music at every show. They have been busy touring Europe since the release of their recent album last August and have also played some local shows in their hometown St. Petersburg. Their biggest recent show was back in March, when they opened for a-Ha in St. Petersburg in front of around 16,000 people. Reds’ Cool still have a couple of dates on their recent tour left, but of course I was curious to know what they have in store for us in the future and if there are any plans for future tours. Altough he couldn’t officially confirm anything yet, Slava said that the chances of seeing them again in the near future aren’t that bad. So we can only sit back and wait for future announcements while listening to their CDs in the mean time.


Thanks to Red’s Cool for a great show, Slava for the Interview and Rick and his team at Der Cult for the great hospitality!