I have heard a lot about Pigs in Paradise and have been dying to see them live quite a while now… Yesterday I finally got to witness their rock show extraordinaire. Kyeso RockBar on a Friday night. The air was hot, the beer was cold and I was in desperate need of some bad ass live music after a long week at work.  We got there early enough for the last bits of soundcheck and I was already hooked. For me it’s always either yay or nay after the first couple of notes I hear from a band and Pigs in Paradise were a DEFINETE yay from the first note and I was excited for what was yet to come.

The 4 guys went on stage a little after 9pm. Quite a decent rock crowd had arrived at Kyeso by then and it didn’t take long until we all gathered in front of the stage and danced and sang along. Each member of the band puts his heart and soul into every single song and gives his own touch to the songs they cover, something I always appreciate and consider essential for the success of a cover band. Their unconventional choice of songs surprised me in the most positive way. Being used to bands covering the “usual” songs I don’t even expect much from cover bands any more. But Pigs in Paradise totally blew me away. Their choice of songs includes rock and metal masterpieces such as “Mother” by Danzig, “Holy Diver” by Dio, “Here I go again” by Whitesnake (I actually went as far as calling Christian, the singer, Mr. Coverdale Jr.), “Warriors of the World” by Manowar and – something I have never heard ANY band cover before – “I want out” by German power metal legends Helloween. Can it get much better than this? I don’t think so….

The guys played an extremely intense show with 4 different sets. The breaks in between were definetly needed to cool down and grab another drink. I was rockin’ and headbangin’ hard up front and stayed until the very last song even tough I had to get up early for work today and had initially planned to leave well before midnight. But there was no way I could miss a single note – we can sleep when we’re dead, right? I left Kyeso as a happy rocker chick a little after 2am after the last song was played – full of joy and excitement from an incredible night out.

Thank you Pigs in Paradise and Kyeso for a great night out! See you next time!