After seeing Reds’ Cool opening for UFO and Magnum various times, I’m excited to go see them on their own headliner tour next week. The 5 guys from St. Petersburg, Russia put on an awesome rock show and are definetly worth the road trip from Munich to Nuremberg for their show at Der Cult next Wednesday. Reds’ Cool describe themselves as uncompromising hard-rock band from Russia on their website and I can only agree with that. They play Classic Hard Rock with great riffs completed by the amazing voice of Slava, the singer of the band. Songs like Bad Story or Strangers Eyes are catchy and make you wanna listen to more.

Remaining Germany Tour dates:

08.07.2016 – Biesdorfer Parkbühe / Berlin (Germany)
12.07.2016 – Kubana / Siegburg (Germany)
13.07.2016 – Der Cult / Nürnberg (Germany)
14.07.2016 – Lemmy’s / Bad Friedrichshall (Germany)

17.07.2016 – Masters Of Rock / Vizovice (Czech rep.)

Go out and catch a show near you if you have the chance! You won’t regret it! And make sure to say hi from Metal Queens Promotion!

Youtube video of their song “Bad Story” :